Articles and Studies

The First Amendment and what it means for free speech online (Sam Cooke, Comparitech. 2017)

The Supreme Court’s Sex-Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Lie (David Feige, Slate. 2017)

I’m a public defender. My clients would rather go to jail than register as sex offenders (Rachel Marshall. Vox. 2016)

Why the sex offender registry isn’t the right way to punish rapists (Dara Lind, Vox. 2016)

Hidden challenges Sex offenders legislated into homelessness (Jill Levenson. 2016)

No Place to Call Home Rethinking Residency Restrictions for Sex Offenders (Gina Puls, Boston College, 2016)

“Why the Innocent Plead Guilty”: An Exchange (Nancy Gertner, et al, 2016)

“Frightening and High”: The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Statistics (Ira Ellman. 2015)

“Stranger Danger” to Children Vastly Overrated (Glenn Fleishman, 2015)

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Global Overview of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Systems (SMART Office, 2014)

Why Kids Sext (Hanna Rosin, 2014)

Risky Policies: How Effective Are Restrictions on Sex Offenders in Reducing Reoffending?  (Eric Tennen, 2014)

Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime (Margo Kaplan, 2014)

Capitol Punishment: The Troubling Consequences of Federal Child Pornography Laws (Andrew Extein, 2014)

Reynolds vs US (RSOL, 2014)

My Son, the Sex Offender: One Mother’s Mission to Fight the Law (Tony Dokoupil, 2014)

We Have It All Wrong. Shunning Offenders is Not Working: A Reaction to the Woody Allen Story (2014)

Circles of Support and Accountability: How and Why They Work for Sex Offenders (2013)

Special Sex Offender Issue, IJBCT (2013)

Raised on the Registry (2013) (includes link to full HRW study)

Patty Wetterling Questions Sex Offender Laws (2013)

Is Civil Commitment Legislation Based on False Premises?  (2013)

Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Impede Safety Goals (Jill Levenson, 2012)

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If It Saves One Child   (Sandy Rozek, 2012)

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