Distance Restrictions

Registered Citizens Distance Restrictions — US States & Territories

Our mission was to research, compile, and manage a reference listing of all US state and territory registered citizens distance restrictions. What follows is the results of a three month research project carried out by 30+ RSOL volunteers. We endeavored to provide as much relevant information to distance restrictions as possible; however, certainly there will be changes and more to add. This document is intended to be a living document and updated where and when laws change.

The master document can be viewed here:

Registered Citizens Distance Restrictions

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1. This document is intended to be a general reference and by no means the single source of truth. It should be considered a starting place and pointer to the actual codification of law available via the individual state and territories websites.
2. Information contained here is as recent as the last updated annotation; however, even that may have been superseded by recently passed legislative sessions, bills, or acts. We have listed pending legislation that would affect the current law where known but again no guarantees are made that it or any reference in this document is error free.
3. As it is with anything in life, it is your individual responsibility to know the laws you are expected to obey.