Court Decisions

Important Supreme Court decisions

U.S. v. Comstock (2010)

Smith v. Doe (2003)

Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety v. Doe (2003)

Seling v. Young (2001)

McKune v. Lile (2002)

Carr v. U.S. (2010)

Grady v. North Carolina (2015)

U.S. Court of Appeals decisions

6th Circuit Does v. MI (2016)Ā related: ACLU FAQS

Various state court decisions

Doe v. New Hampshire (NH 2015)

Taylor v. San Diego Co. (CA 2015)

Doe v. Maryland DPSCS (MD 2013)

Doe v. Williams (ME 2013)

Minor v. Nevada (NV SORNA Decision 2013)

Starkey v. Oklahoma (OK 2013)

United States v. Kebodeaux (US 2013)

Maryland v. Doe (MD 2013)

Doe v. Nebraska (NE 2012)

Doe v. DPSCS (MD 2011)

State v. Williams (OH 2011)

State v. Bodyke (OH 2010)



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  1. LJ
    April 27, 2015 at 9:48 am

    I am on the Missouri sex offenders registry list from a child endangerment charge from a one night stand in 2000 .I got a SIS WITH 5 YRS PROBATION AND WAS NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER. I served my probation with no issues. in 2012 i got into trouble for a stealing charge and when i had to report to my probation officer he told me i had to register as a sex offender!!! Is there anything i can do . i have been on this for 3 yrs and its really taking a toll on my family . Or is there any new laws coming to benefit someone in my situation.

    • John
      April 29, 2015 at 8:05 pm

      Hey LJ, First of all, I read that some of the Mo. legislatures are considering a law that would provide a non-violent s.o. to be removed after so many years. Mo. has a lot of people listed that aren’t s.o., but their crime falls under certain RevStat Chapts, so they get put on the list. Personally, I wouldn’t count on help because it’s not a politically sound move to help s.o’s.

      In 2013, the Mo Rep legislature passed a bill to take s.o.’s off the list who committed crimes as a juvenile. The Dems. had a fit, but they were out voted. They did attack the Reps. as protectors of baby rapists, and the protector of some rich kid who’s parents were financial contributors to their party. But it was all for nothing since the Dem. Gov. Nixon vetoed the bill, sighting one case from the late 80’s or 90’s where a heinous crime was committed by a juvenile, so he should stay on the list forever. I submit to you, that if it was a dem. legislature and a rep. gov., the outcome would have been the same.

      How do I know? Just last year, the same legislatures, came up with a law, that would allow a defendant’s pass deeds, whether convicted of, found innocent of, suspected of, name came up in a meeting of, {exaggeration? Maybe!} to be used, not in a sentence hearing, but in a trial of guilt or innocence. Any American with a pre-school education knows that is unconstitutional. How did they get around it? They made it a Missouri State Constitutional Amendment, put it up for a vote by the citizens after telling them its a tool only to protect their children from the vile sex perverts, and the voters believed it, and therefore, it’s now part of the constitution and the politicians get to claim that they only did what the people wanted. They do have other amendments like that one, that have been written, but they’re either stuck in committee or on the back burner. My favorite is the one that says “no retrospective laws will be written (except for sexual offenses)”….. I’m not joking, it comes up every year. It’s in their list of consideration. I personally read it. The amendment is already constitutional. They only want to inject the parenthesis “except for sexual offenses” in an existing amendment. Duh!!!!

      I can’t predict the future, but judging from the past, it’s not looking good. I had a SES with 5 yrs probation in 1983. I was let out of the system in 1990. I did maintain the same job throughout, probably because “sex offender” was not on the Richter Scale yet. In fact, I just recently retired after 42 years of working on US Government Military Equipment. Anyway, when my probation period was over, my rights were reinstated, which was the same as all citizens right except the right to protect my family with a handgun. So starting in 1996 my rights have become even more eroded, not by any new fault of mine, but the increased awareness of politicians wanting to be tough on crime trying to out do one another. Sort of like a arms race.
      I did own a shotgun for hunting, but now that’s illegal too.
      I served jury duty 3 times (illegal now),
      I went swimming and to the park with my kids. (illegal now)
      I celebrated Halloween stuff with my kids. (illegal now) oops. that one repealed for me. I wish someone would tell the police that.
      I attended my children’s school functions. (illegal, except if escorted by a school administrator, (as if I’m going to put my kids on the map)),
      Had to obtain permission to attend my daughters wedding because it was in a park with playground equipment.
      I traveled all over Europe, (not really illegal yet, but some countries won’t let you in now, because you have to tell your Chief Law Enforcement Officer, who will fill out a form that goes to the US Marshall’s office, who gives it to Home Land Security, who gives it to Interpol, who gives it to whoever is in charge of the border that you will be crossing, and chances are you will be stopped there, detained, questioned, and returned to where you came from. And I verified that with the American Embassy as well as the Embassy of the country I was going to celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary at) (Lost a lot of money on that one. Like I said, it’s not the law yet, but it seems that SORNA/SORTS are treating it as such)
      If I spend more than 3 days a year away from my house, whether it be a friends or family or vacation, I have to register that address with the police here and the police if a different county or state, of the alternate address and dates of when I’m going to be there.
      If I obtain a new cell phone number, new email address, or a new computer identity, new car, a friends or family members car to drive, I have to report it 72 Hrs before using. And it’s only a $5 dollars charge per change.
      After I retired, the police informed me with about 8 hrs left on a 72 hr limit, that I had to go re-register for not having a job or be charged with a class C Felony.
      I don’t think there be anything in our favor coming down anytime soon. I believe the only law to be repealed was the Prohibition Law, and that was like 80 yrs ago.

      One last comment: For anyone who may read this and think I deserve this or even more of it, that’s your opinion of which your entitled. I’ve worked around a lot of tough guys over the years, and believe me, there is nothing that can be said that I haven’t heard before. But what I always said to my tough guy friends that ask was, “There was an ugly time in my life that came back on me, and I’m ashamed to talk about it, so I don’t” To the guys that didn’t like me, I owe them nothing, so I give them nothing.

      • Larry
        May 11, 2015 at 8:27 pm

        TY very much john !!

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