Advancing Advocacy 2-28-2017: Running an Effective Membership Campaign
Link to the Audio Recording
Link to the Powerpoint

NARSOL in Action 2-23-17: On Statutes of Limitations, and creating a legislative collaborative effort.
Link to the Audio Recording

Advancing Advocacy 1-24-17: From Registrant to Advocate
Link to the Audio Recording

NARSOL in Action 1-19-17: NARSOL Board members answer questions
Link to the Audio Recording

RSOL in Action 12-20-16: All About Polygraph Legalities
Link to the Audio Recording

Advancing Advocacy 11-22-16: The Fearless Project – Jones, Gittinger, Prizio
Link to the Video Presentation

Advancing Advocacy 10-25-16: Talking to Legislators – Suzy Wizowaty
Listen to audio

Advancing Advocacy 8-23-16: Lessons Learned from Advocacy in Oregon
Link to the Video Presentation

RSOL in Action 8/14/16 TX Voices; Richard Gladden: Residency Restrictions Under Attack Duarte vs the City of Lewisville
Listen to audio

Advancing Advocacy 7-26-16: Risk-based vs. Offense Based Registration – A look at Minnesota’s System
Link to the Video Presentation

Advancing Advocacy 6-28-16: Dr. Randall Wallace – The Fundamentals for Understanding Risk Assessments
Link to the Video Presentation

RSOL in Action: Prof. David Post – Packingham v United States

RIA Packingham et al     

Advancing Advocacy 5-24-16: Mary Sue Molnar – Starting and running successful support groups


RSOL In Action 5-17-16: Challenge against the registry in Illinois, some mention of other challenges.

RSOLinAction5-17-16 Illinois challenge     

Advancing Advocacy 4-26-16: Robin Vanderwall – Setting Up A Non-Profit

Link to the Video Presentation

RSOL In Action 4-14-16: Updates on the Rhode Island residency challenge, International Megan’s Law, our 2016 conference, and our Board election process.


Advancing Advocacy 3-22-16: Larry Neely: Legislative Process

Link to the Video Presentation

RSOL In Action 3-14-16:

RSOL in Action 3-14-16 Introductory Remarks     
RI ACLU on pending Residency Restriction Challenge     
RSOL CA on pending Challenge to International Megan's Law     

Advancing Advocacy 2-23-16: Kathy Fox: Circles of Support and Accountability

Link to the Video Presentation

RSOL Review 2-1-16: International Megan’s Law Conference Call

IML conference call 2-1-16     

Advancing Advocacy 12-15-15: Lenore Skenazy: All Fear All the Time

AA 12-15-15 Lenore Skenazy     

Advancing Advocacy 11-15-2015: Partnerships for Change. Building a partnership takes caring, commitment, connectedness, character, and consistency. Susan Walker, Director of CSOR in Colorado, describes this incredibly important and ongoing task.

AA 11-17 Walker Partnerships     

Link to the video presentation.

RSOL Review 11-9-2015: Janice Bellucci describes her new lawsuit in CA. Almost 50 TX cities may be sued regarding their residency restrictions. Richard Gladden, attorney from Texas, explains. Additionally, an update on the recent residency restrictions situation in Rhode Island.

RR 11-9 lawsuit reports     

Advancing Advocacy: Erin Comartin on Advocacy Organizations

Erin Comartin (Oakland U) shares her research on organizations that are advocating for state-level policy change related to sex offender registration and notification laws.

AA Oct 27 Erin Comartin     

RSOL Review Oct 14 2015 – Fighting Residency Restriction bills – Panel Discussion

Review 10-14 Residency     

Advancing Advocacy 9/22/15 – Larry Neely & Brenda Jones Lobbying in Citizen Legislatures  Some valuable tips for advocating in smaller state legislatures.

Audio and Video Presentation   Powerpoint PDF

Advancing Advocacy 08/28 – Janice Bellucci Effective Lobbying

Janice Bellucci shares her experience with effective lobbying in California and DC.

Bellucci Lobbying AA Aug 25     

RSOL Review – 8/13

RSOL Review Aug 12 Seattle NCSL     

RSOL Review 05/25 – M Woodall Stand in Vision


RSOL Review 05/15 – ACLU Attorney Sofia Nelson on the federal court decision John Does 1-5 and Jane Doe v Richard Snyder from the state of Michigan


RSOL Review 03/11/15 – Attorneys Michael Iacopino and Mitch McGuire

RSOL Review 3 11 15     

Advancing Advocacy – Steve Gordon / Fundraising for Controversial Causes
Audio and Video presentation

Advancing Advocacy – Chrysanthi Leon / Impact of sex offender laws on family members and friends of registered sex offenders
Audio and Video presentation

Advancing Advocacy – Steve Yoder / Writing Op Eds and Letters to the Editor
Audio and Video presentation

Advancing Advocacy – Sharon Denniston / Becoming a More Effective Advocate
Audio and Video presentation

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