Donating to RSOL or its foundation, Vivante Espero:

What’s the Difference?

You can defend and advance the civil rights of registrants and their families by donating to either RSOL or it’s foundation, Vivante Espero.

RSOL:  Gifts to RSOL allow us the greatest flexibility in our work.  While not tax deductible, they enable us to advocate and lobby at the federal, state and local level to advance the civil liberties of registrants and their families.  When you make a contribution to RSOL, you become a member who takes a stand to end public registries and restore civil liberties to registrants.

Vivante Espero:  If you prefer to make a tax deductible gift, we encourage you to support RSOL’s foundation, Vivante Espero.  Gift to Vivante Espero support our litigation, communications and public education efforts, but by law, they cannot be used for direct legislative lobbying or advocacy.  With a gift of $1,000, you become a Pearl level supporter in the fight to restore civil liberties and constitutional freedoms to registrants and their families.


Ending public registries depends on your dedication to support this effort. By joining RSOL today, you’ll be doing your part to restore the civil rights of registrants and their families.

Donate to Foundation

The legal and education efforts of RSOL are best supported by making a contribution to RSOL’s tax-deductible foundation, Vivante Espero.

Donate to RSOL

Consistent, monthly contributions to RSOL's general fund help us respond to issues of immediate concern and ensure that we are always prepared to engage our resources in the fight.

Legal Fund

Tax-deductible contributions to Vivante Espero's legal fund allows us to allocate much needed financial resources in a more consistent manner through effective and efficient budgeting.

Rhode Island Campaign

Challenging the retroactive residency restrictions being implemented in Rhode Island is an urgent concern.  Your tax-deductible donation will be used to challenge unconstitutional registration laws through legislative initiatives and civil litigation.

IML Campaign

RSOL is committed to challenging the constitutionality of International Megan’s Law (IML). Your tax-deductible contribution to our IML Legal Fund will be used to support efforts RSOL considers most likely to succeed based upon the analysis of legal professionals who are supporting our efforts.