The RSOL Minutemen, under the umbrella of the Communications Committee, are volunteer men and women who commit their time to help combat the misinformation contained in many of the online articles and blogs dealing with sex offender issues. With the purpose of education, we add comments to the comment boards of these articles and, using accurate information from research and experts in the field, we speak the truth about the many complex issues that are covered under the umbrella of the term “sexual offenders.”

We actively seek pertinent articles by creating alerts that will bring them to our in-boxes, and we share articles among ourselves with our email network. Originally a tight-knit, fully structured group, we now each operate independently and autonomously due to the increased proliferation of available research. We encourage anyone who is interested in writing respectful yet pithy responses to pertinent articles and blogs online to join our endeavors. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the Communications Committee.

Especially gifted writers are encouraged to branch out in the areas of writing and submitting letters to editors, opinion pieces, and, when appropriate, letters to legislators and to media staff.