Communications Committee

One of National RSOL’s permanent committees is the Communications Committee.  As its name suggests, all of the functions of the CC deal with communication and correspondence.

Our bi-monthly newsletter, the Digest, is published electronically by the CC and distributed to approximately 2000 RSOL members and supporters. Subscriptions are available for the print edition, and, either through subscription or a variety of free or reduced eligibility programs, the Digest is mailed in print form to several hundred state and federal inmates across the country. It is also emailed to federal prisoners who request it through the Corr-Links and Trulinc programs. Back issues of the Digest going back to 2012 are available for viewing and for download here.

Most of the members of the CC as well as some of the more gifted writers among the former Minutemen are “on-call” for writing editorials, press releases, letters-to-editors, letters to news media sources and personalities, and letters to politicians when a specific need or situation arises. The CC has also established invaluable relationships with journalists and reporters with connections with varied news media outlets across the country.

The committee is responsible for the disbursement of press releases, whether dealing with an issue of national significance and therefore to a national list or within a specific state and pertinent to a state issue. We are available for help on request from our state contacts, advocates, and affiliate organizations. If you have a question or a comment for the committee, would like our help with a project, or would like to suggest a special project, please contact the committee.