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I know who I am . . . If I hide, nothing is going to happen. I can’t wait for the next person to come along and fight the fight. I am not willing to sit still and let law after law pass, and then I might be like the people in Florida living under a bridge. —Tammy Bond, Illinois registrant

On October 5, 1938, the Third Reich directs its Ministry of Interior to invalidate all passports held by Jews until the letter “J” was affixed to them.


Less than 80 years later, and on February 8, 2016, the American Congress directs the Department of State to invalidate all passports held by sexual offenders until a “unique identifier” is affixed to them.

On Compound Fractals

Most of us have at least heard of fractals: a special type of mathematical formula that creates an endlessly repeating pattern. I am no mathematician, but I can grasp the amazing graphics that can result – graphics that have allowed…

A Travesty in Rhode Island

By Sandy…. October and cooler weather are upon us, and November will be here before we’ve unpacked all the winter clothes. November is Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means Christmas is hasting on, and both Thanksgiving and Christmas mean home and family.…