To Maryland Legislators: No “Loopholes,” just a Constitution – and the TRUTH

What gives? 

Maryland media is shouting from oversized headlines that THOUSANDS of registered sex offenders could be removed from the registry when the reality is that it is scarcely over 1,000.

This same sensationalized report used words such as “loopholes” and “a crack in the system” and “manipulating the system,” but in fact, Maryland’s highest court has simply ruled that our state’s Constitution must be followed.

In response to MCASA’s demand for justice for the victims, RSOL Executive Director Brenda Jones stated, “Either MCASA is deliberately misleading the public with scare tactics, or their definition of justice involves trampling the ex-post facto clause, which is one of the most cherished constitutional protections we have in America.” 

While these inflammatory comments by victim’s advocates are disturbing to those who cherish our constitutional rights, Jones added, the most troublesome issue is that in 2010 “the entire Maryland legislature willingly approved legislation that violates one of the most time-honored and sacred constitutional tenets: that of protection from ex-post facto application of punishment. The state continues to force that law on at least a thousand Maryland citizens even AFTER the Court of Appeals declared its retroactive application to be invalid.” Jones concluded, “These citizens have completed their sentences and have the same rights as any other former offender to move forward as law-abiding citizens and atone for their past.”

Citizens expect their lawmakers to follow their Constitution; this is a trust placed in them. Is this trust misplaced? What will be the next constitutional protection that Maryland’s legislators will decide to ignore when it suits them? And which citizens will be harmed then?

2 comments for “To Maryland Legislators: No “Loopholes,” just a Constitution – and the TRUTH

  1. July 9, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Amen, Phil! And thank you for your service to our country! Your whole article is correct. I would make one additional point. The “law makers” covered themselves by stating this was for the welfare of the community, or something like that; however, the truth of the matter is that it is “cruel and unusual punishment” for the “so-called” offender and their families. They created a whole new population set of bullied, harrassed, ostracized children when they created this totally illegal registry! Not to mention the offenders, their parents, and their spouses. It’s beyond absurd! Karen

  2. phil.
    June 6, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    If the lawmakers cannot obey the constitution even though they took an oath. I took an oath also when I went into the armed forces to protect the constitution against all enemy’s both foreign and domestic.It is my Duty to protect the Constitution with my life if necessary. I am a registered sex offender. I did my punishment. I went to counseling for 4 years. Now I am charged with an ex post facto unconstitutional premise law that was not even a law when I was on probation. If we cannot win our battles in court I’m sure we have enough people for a good uprising. We can build our army from all the names that are registered on line. People like me who served their country in a war. Protecting the constitution and now being told it no longer applies to them. I would rather fight in the courtroom or on the streets then to know I can be arrested just about anywhere because a politician wants votes. The whole thing is about power and money. They don’t give a dam about anyone’s children. Sex offenders are a big money maker. The chances they will commit another crime is low. This makes them look like they are doing their job while wasting tax payers money. The teachers salary in North Carolina is 10% below the National average so Governor Pat Mc Corey gives the teachers of our greatest future assets a slap in the face 2% raise. On Halloween the biggest story’s are sex offenders the greatest risk to America Children on that night is automobiles. Perhaps they could stop the useless man power waste at the court House watching sex offenders and really protect the children by putting the police on the streets protecting against the real threat. Not as exciting or as big of a story as they can drum up on sex offenders. I really wonder how much money is pocketed and wasted! Politicians have been baby kissing with one hand and stabbing the American people in the back with the other for years. I’m all about peaceful reform but when all else fails we have to do what our forefathers did to ensure our rights and freedoms remain intact for all the People of this once great country. This is a country we the people need to take back!

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