Author: Andy Stein

How Metaphors Kill / Douard

The public tends to view sex offenders as monsters, and the law reflects that dehumanizing metaphor. At our 2016 conference in Atlanta, Mr. Douard explained how the monster metaphor points in the direction of Draconian recidivism prevention strategies, such as registration and civil…

Not Just a Misdemeanor / LaBranch

Attorney LaBranch, at our Atlanta 2016 conference, presented this intro to criminal law which explains why misdemeanor cases are important. Defendants will take a misdemeanor plea, feeling the significance not to be great, but many misdemeanor convictions can have serious consequences even if…

Let’s Get Fearless! / Jones and panel

FEARLESS groups are support groups aimed at providing a safe place for registrants and their loved ones to get together, build community, and learn ways to step out and take charge of their lives and overcome the stigma they face. At RSOL’s 2016 Atlanta conference, Brenda and a panel of those who have been involved in such groups encourage others to build their own FEARLESS groups and offer support to help them begin.

RSOL Conf 2016 Let’s Get Fearless! Jones/Panel

International Travel-Rules of the Road

International Travel

Janice Bellucci & Paul Rigney…. International travel for registered citizens and members of their families has changed significantly since the passage of the International Megan’s Law. This presentation at our 2016 Atlanta conference educated registered citizens and family members about…